Catering To A Lifestyle

If you’re looking for a unique experience, you have come to the right place. Here at FITZGIBBON PERFORMANCE, we are not simply servicing and modifying cars, we are catering to a lifestyle. With a passion for the industry, our showroom welcomes and entertains the true car enthusiast.

Client Experience Focused

As clients enter the FITZGIBBON PERFORMANCE establishment they will notice the details taken to help heighten our client’s experiences. From the artwork hanging on the walls to the automotive-inspired furniture. All merchandise has been made available to our clientele.

A New Performance Standard

We believe any establishment performing work on these breathtaking vehicles should be just as amazing as the vehicle itself. We have designed a 15,000 square foot boutique with that in mind. FITZGIBBON PERFORMANCE offers a unique experience to our clientele. We believe our approach in working on today’s autos will set a new standard in the high end performance and race inspired modifications.

Best In Dyno Tuning

FITZGIBBON PERFORMANCE embodies today’s best in dyno tuning technology. Our soundproof test cell is specifically engineered to meet our highest standards.  This cell allows us to repeatedly dyno tune in a controlled environment: ensuring that our client’s vehicle will perform to its highest potential.

Fine Tuning Capability

Within our dynamometer test cell, our SuperFlow AWD chassis dynamometer can measure 2,500 peak horse power in an excess of 200mph. The SuperFlow 880e provides our expert technicians the capability to finely tune some of the world’s most powerful vehicles.

Cutting Edge Equipment

Today’s choice in equipment plays a significant role in the ability to provide our clients with nothing but the best. FITZGIBBON PERFORMANCE utilizes today’s industry leading and cutting edge equipment.