1016 Industries

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Fitzgibbon Performance Brands - 1016 IndustriesTuning the most exclusive and exotic cars in the world. Only the finest products and services for the most exclusive of clients.

1016 Industries has one of the most advanced networks of capabilities available to their consumer. They staff automotive OEM Engineers, artists, craftsman, and utilize the finest products and processes available to their team to attain results.

Each product offering is the process of a well thought out design, analysis, and refinement that works to enhance the features of the base product. Whether it is cars, fashion, or lifestyle the same principles apply. The design is forward-thinking in shape and form, utilizing classic features and grace to integrate the future into the present.

Continuing on this philosophy 1016 industries partners with the best to offer full exhaust, suspension, driveline and wheel options to complement our own offerings. We demand the highest level of quality, design, service, response, and reliability that must come with our name behind it.