Vossen Wheels

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Fitzgibbon Performance Brands - Vossen WheelsAt Vossen, they place a high emphasis on design. Like their customers, they value the time and work that goes into creating and manufacturing products that are innovative and aesthetically pleasing. A commitment to providing their customers with the best has positioned Vossen at the forefront of the industry. From their events to their renowned world tours, their supporters feel a sense of pride in the standards they uphold.

Established with the intent to provide a superior product, today Vossen holds a position as one of the trendsetting brands in the industry. Their passion, much like their commitment to excellence, extends into every facet of what they do. From engineering to design and manufacturing, Vossen is redefining the landscape of modern wheel craftsmanship. With three decades of experience and a distribution network of over 36 countries across the world, their customers have come to expect nothing less than sheer quality and innovation.